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Name:Ordinary steel long hinge Hit:5366
Ordinary steel long hinge
Product Introduction:

Product description:
Material: stainless steel, copper, aluminum, iron
Color: color zinc plated, copper plated, blue zinc plated, white paint, black, color, etc.
Thickness of 0.5 - 6.0 can be customized,
Specifications :20-6000mm, if special specification can explain
Width: 0.6 "" 1.2 "1.5" "2.3" to 150MM quality.
Package Description: 20 / pack plastic bags, 5 packets / braid tied, according to customer request packing

  Automatic production line, fast shipping, excellent quality, color and diverse. The special structure of the product itself, coupled with product design, flexible activities. Are widely used often requires joint place. Cases: the piano up and down the flap hinge, the long doors and decorative box hinge, metal mailbox hinge, advertising box hinge and door hinges, etc.

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