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Shake handshandle role
Data: 2012-9-19      Hit: 3910

    Shake handshandle installs is the indispensable function fitting, with the handle of the craft that make rise ceaselessly, the shake handshandle of now not only has functional, in decorative aspect also to have the very big promotion. A lot of home outfit have material supermarket display shake handshandle technically to exhibit, various shake handshandle is full of beautiful things in eyes.
    There are many kinds of shake handshandle, look from exterior, shake handshandle has a canal form, form, globose reach all sorts of geometry shape, still have only head type, double head type, appear type, enclosed wait for distinction. Have a more progressive or leisure, also have by a rope or hanging bead in the form of shake handshandle meditate on the past. According to the different material, handle and can be divided into: crystal shake handshandle, glass door shake handshandle, stainless steel handle, luxurious door shake handshandle, aluminum handle, aluminum handle, marble shake handshandle, wooden handle, aluminum handle.
    Of shake handshandle anthology match must be based on the design of furniture, function and place and decide. Tell commonly, the relation of shake handshandle and furniture to roughly the principle of two kinds of processing, namely marked or it is to concealment.         Specific choose what kind of shake handshandle should inspect and shake handshandle of the furniture collocation and decide, the same with cabinet put oneself in another's position model or curve shake handshandle, can make the relation of furniture and shake handshandle appears more coordination.

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