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Hinge definition
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The hinge is used to connect or rotation of the device so that the door, cover or other swing member so as to rotate, and usually connected by a pin, a pair of metal blades. He is a furniture copper ornaments. Commonly known as the hinge. Often composed of two-fold, connecting the the furniture two parts and make the metal parts of the activities. Hinge: a means for connection or rotating door, cover or other swing member can be in order to rotate, and usually connected by a pin, a pair of metal blades. Around split hinge.


The hinge types of many ordinary hinges, pipe hinges, door hinge, glass hinge, table hinge, turn the door hinge.


II traveling door and join at the door compartment shaft and hinge can be seen in the Qinling bronze chariots, whether it is from the shape and structure of modern building windows and doors hinge entirely similar. It marked early as 2200 years ago, our old Zhu Xian has been invented and use the hinge, and we also found that by no means limited to the scope of the bronze chariots Qin hinge. Near the chariot of the Qin terracotta the No.2 pit and Pit, the archaeologists found the same to a considerable number - bronze hinge. The facts prove that the hinge of the door shaft is not "exotic", but belongs to the the Qin people of an "invention patent.


The hinge made of iron, stainless steel, copper and aluminum. Surface treatment sanding, brushed steel, brushed gun, brushed gold, brushed copper, sterling silver and white, red bronze, bronze, plating and gold.


The hinge is mainly produced in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian and other places.


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